Thursday, May 18, 2006


Are naturalists a true form of the true identity behind a human being's soul before the manifestation of human societal behavior upon the individual with after effects?

A question of which has battered the mind for as long as it has been known that mankind was on the face of Earth. People think that naturalists are what they would put to term as 'the weaker' class of human kind. Because no matter how much they mingle in with the community they stay as they are but contradictally much more influenced than an influence themselves.

Depending on the environment that they had lived in, such is their attitude towards other individuals in their pathline of life.

The true side of nature lies on side, while the darkside holds the mysterious ingenuinity behind the creation of such a person on God's green Earth.

They are known for doing what they please, as they please, throwing at the wall all laid down rules and setting a new set for their own advantage which they come to, themselves, in penetrating the shields of entry that they so solidly build.

Ever defied, they will cucoon in one corner while when challenged into matters of expertise will show the world their true talent.

Would you know one if you came by such an individual?


FancyFace said...

It has been said that behaviour is learned. So I suppose what your saying is true.

But just one question, how do you think up such issues?

You never cease to amaze me.