Sunday, May 28, 2006

irrevertable human nature

the irrevertable nature of a human being is one that is considered one of mankind's most complicated behavioral patterns. one of which has baffled scientists for as they have lived probably.

yet the cure has always been right under our noses.

we refer to misbahavior as an abnomal act of nature of mankind and we come to ask ourselves the questions that lie behind such an odd action behind a human that has distinct reputation of respect, pure colorful personality and other miniscule yet fundamental characteristics. we ask ourselves, why or who or what or when or where this all happened in that glimpse of a moment. weakening our very defence systems that looks on to see what lies ahead in matters of consequence, obstacles and last but not the least; the solution to the problematic situation.

if we can just look beyond on all this questions and focus our attention to what needs to be done to over the consequence of such an action, therein would lie our very victory.

the past is past
the future is our past's present
all moments will last
when we reach our future's present

dream as you want
for there is always another day
live for tomorrow
but work for today