Tuesday, May 30, 2006

snip snip

Let's be completely frank here.

The censorship board here in Oman really is a bunch of people who have nothing else better to do than to squabble about petty 'indecent' scenes they see over again in movies, foreign magazines and other international media.

Why, I'll bet you my salary that they probably take everything they snip off and put them together to make their first 'original' porno just for the fun of it. See how that one goes, huh?

The reason I am ranting away here, is that the movie censorship board has done it again with another movie that was supposed to be release - in a simulataneous worldwide locations - here in Oman.

The first did it with The Passion of The Christ and now it's with The Da Vinci Code. I mean, for heaven's sake, the first is of more sensitivity than the latter - that's point 1. Second point is that this is the 4th time this movie gets it's screening date postponed, first it was scheduled during the early month of May, then it was postponed to the 24th May then to the 31st of May and now it's being postponed to the 21st July, 2006.

I mean seriously, how long does it take to censor a movie, watch; snip, give back - it's that easy.

My own humble opinion says that because the censorship board follows the tactics of a Ministrial hirarchy then everyone's supposed to watch it before the whole nation can ever start to dream about such a thing. And to think what they are doing with all those indecent scenes - urgggggghh. Don't even get me started, I mean it.

Bottom line: take swifter action you lazy folk out there.