Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the queen of hearts

When would have thought that times were arranged to get into the social circle in their life cycle or even just have followed the 'lower trend' of which is getting married.

Marriage was always about making yourself available to the other party making romantic gestures most of the time and all that mushy mushy stuff that you get to see in the movies. Hence, the keyword here is 'was'. Because only fools rush in that blindly into the path of love. People are so willing these days to give up their entire lives for the sake that they would be with their 'one and only'. But when they are given a simple question such as how they ever will survive they're as mute as mummies.

The noticeable thing about these individuals is that they carry the same amount of hatred for the ones they had loved before as much as they had 'loved them' without one question. Whether it was because of seperation for being pathetic, or too dramatic in their relationship or anything else that their immature minds could conjure up as a reason.

But, fast forward now, come this day and age, more and more people are looking for the much sophisticated women that would not only love him and cherish him for as long as they both shall live, but one that would challenge him, mentally. Finding something in disagreement would certainly light the fire of passion from time to time because it is that indifference in opinion that also brings them in together.

Such is an issue with much great debate that they would conclude it abruptly by saying they are searching for their queen of hearts.

A desirable and quite applauding momentum would then follow by the almost immediate, nods in agreement because what matters more than passion is the reason to follow through with such a decision.

Some are willing to dedicate their life entirely to find this person.

What a waste of life that would be for people such as I.


Andromeda said...

Hi Ali!

Greetings to you this crazy hour of the morning!

In response to your blog ... its called the Cinderella Syndrome! Basically a lot of people are brought up with fairytales of meeting their handsome prince/beautiful princess and living happily ever after!

Life is simply not like that!

No one ever mentioned about Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty/The Little Mermaid falling out of love, having an affair, the stress of children, etc, etc, etc!!!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


welcome back!

hope is all well with you..?

as to your reply on my blog's post - it's not just that there is a cinderella syndrome but there is the other dark side of the world of passion of where doubts are never cleared and suspicions surface to doom the potentiality of any relationship

Andromeda said...

Hi Ali:

You know i never left in the first place!

:D All is well in my little world!

I trust all is well with you.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


All's well that goes well..

Thanks for asking :o)