Saturday, May 13, 2006

misconceptions of democracy

Day after day you realize that people around Oman are just the same everywhere. There's the small childish type. The innocent type that have no clue whatsoever. And lastly, the bossy type that dictates who and what goes where and how and why they should.

Its pretty much the same with the whole wide world. And the saying that 'it's a jungle out there' isn't too far from it, either. And unfortunately for us, the rest of the world, we are living by standards of which we never got to chose. Things that we were born to.

In that manner or concept, comes my idea. The misconception of democracy. How can you ask to choose something in the shadows of democracy by choice, when it is that same fundamental idea that takes you and leads you to the same path of which you were trying to avoid the whole time?

The path of democracy of which so many ask for in middle east, is a rough and rigid one, one of which our nations are unequipped for. Something of which we cannot even beging to fathom because of the many underlying responsibilities that would lie upon the nation by then to uptake to uphold the value and 'traditions' of such a concept.

My question is this, though; how can you choose to ask for a choice when the choice you make is one that is already made for you?


FancyFace said...

democracy = a euphemism for totalitarianism

In the end, we are all just mere subordinates