Friday, May 26, 2006

everyday is a new challenge

the first few weeks of my new job were an easy breeze because i was still new to my new workplace and i always thought that this was normal and i had this idea in my head that this was not the way the work would be for so long that i was still in the eye of the storm and one day i would feel the superdome off of me..

and i was right...

so now i work a job that deals in being there from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening for every single day except for thursdays that are a half day and fridays that are an official holiday

i remembered Muscati's blog about having equality in the terms of holidays between the private and government sector and i so feel for it is SO demanding..i swear

the kind of job i deal with has a policy of throwing me in the deep end and asking me to swim whether i know how to or not

but i am glad because its a job that i do very greatly and i am happy with it and so far no complications whatsoever just some very minor ones..

never mind the pay, never mind the pressure that i take in every single day its the meaning of having to do something that's actually not counter productive in your life, to feel you are a productive individual of this life you're living and not an ailing virus that feeds on the host system..

i am not saying that there aren't times i wish i wasn't there...but in an overall perspective, its the challenge that keeps me there


Jassim said...

Someone said that the nationalization of the khaleeji work forces will never work before we are all to lazy... well except me.

I am a project manager and my hours are from 9-4..officially. Ya3ny of course because i am the boss, work never stops even when I am at home :-(

Anonymous said...

Its really good to hear/read that you're enjoying work!
I really am happy for you, that you finally got one..
Nothing is more satisfying than leaving home in the morning to a challenging job that you enjoy. Yeah..whatever, every and any job comes with its ups and downs, stessful days and relaxed-please-time-pass-by! days..but as long as you go home feeling good about yourself and what youve a feeling above all :o)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

jassim: you said it...

and who is that fool who said that him what the GCC countries and their youth are doing now (besides the setbacks of nationalism) and shout: IN YOUR FACE ;P

anonymous: thanks..although i don't usually answer to anonymous...but on my blog it's ok but it's not applicable on - to me at least..

sorry a little sidestep there...

but thanks again!