Friday, May 12, 2006

I told you so..

I made a note sometime back about how the Omanization process is affecting the economy and the side affects of such a decision to design an APB on it to run it through any organization within the Omani border. One of the side effects I talked about was the fact that you would see those maniac Omani drivers along the highways driving with heavy loads on the roads like they were driving their own saloon cars and overtaking other heavy vehicles that obstruct their path or their schedule.

Since then, there has a been a large rise in deaths on Omani roads because the intollerant behavior that these road runners are wrongly portraying to the public of an image. There was a great disaster-just-waiting-to-be tourist bus that carried more than 66 Chinese tourists and 3 Omanis including the drivers of whom were driving around in Yiti. The buses breaks gave away because of high speed manouvering and almost catastrophicly made the headlines that all the tourists were all dead, drivers and all. But devine intervention sought otherwise and stopped the collision course to death with a big moutain rock at the landslide.

School chidlren are also victims in many parts of the country to the point that parents ask the authorities to install speedbreakers on roads that are parallel to such landmarks. Petrol delivery trucks. Water tankers. Gas mini trucks. All being driven at high speeds.

And is anyone doing anything?

"There's a pending investigation on this and we will have the results in a month's time"


FancyFace said...

Is there anything that happens in the world that goes by you unnoticed?

Andromeda said...

Hi Ali!

I know how bad the driving is here ... just on the subject of road safety I am absolutely positive if there was a law for child seats there would be less deaths.

How come there is a law for drivers to buckle up and not for anyone else? Do only the drivers count? Do parents not have an ounce of care for their children?

Is it me or am i missing something?

Hope you are ok and life is treating you kind. Inshallah.