Wednesday, February 07, 2007


A.I.D.S. seems to be on the rise even with new ways to prevent it ever from happening whether it was by asking for fresh needles when taking medicine, or by using contraceptives that have become a sort of a fashion trend in the whole wide world that they could be sold off the shelves as if they chewing gum.

Unfortunately, the scientists' medicine has been unable to today to cure the sickness that could also be transmitted through the mixture of blood between a mother and her unborn child because simply the best advice is to make sure of always using sterilized components when taking medicine intravenously or by simply by avoiding sex altogether until the time is right; namely: in marriage.

A.I.D.S. in Oman has infected - officially - 1500 people in Oman, of which, in 2006 alone, around 500 of them passed away because of the ailing sickness.

Oman has just started to talk out loud about the issue after realizing the problem can no longer be concealed by establishing a private confidential hotline to help those who have been infected to help get them through the many taunts that a society such as the Sultanate views A.I.D.S. as.

This is also seen through giving detailed lectures about the many actual ways that a person can get infected with A.I.D.S. in contrary to beliefs sought by the local community at schools all over Oman.

Oman has a population of just about 2.5 million people, according to the 1993 census, of which 0.01% are infected with A.I.D.S.