Wednesday, February 21, 2007

what choice is there?

Long gone are the days that we could make a choice over what we wanted in our lives, whether it was over circumstances or risks that we overlooked or perhaps the only possible reason left - fate.

Such are the examples like what kind of job we want, which person we want to have our longterm relationship with (i.e.: leading to a sucessfull marriage), or what kind of a choice of education we would like to pursue.

Reasons that overcome us could be either money, lack of class or standard or perhaps time itself but there is always something that always stands in the way between us and what we want diverting us to the path that leads us to what we can only have in our lives.

And unfortunately, this is a very visible trend in the Sultanate of Oman where many of the unemployed individuals or single folk exist - simply because their choice isn't available and unfortunately, those who do end up taking the choice that is available to them do so only because they have to either because of family or life pressure or because of the society/community. Either way, they end up doing it even though they are ill-convinced by the choice they are making.

Take me for instance, I entered into a higher-education institute that offered a Bachelor's in Business Administration, while I felt my calling was Arts - poetry, reading, writing, and the such. Something that was not existent and still isn't as a focused line of career to build a solid futuristic foundation.

And what happened next?

The obvious, of course. I stepped into a world still unconvinced by what I had studied and still had to follow through because society still does not recognize journalism and reporting as a career.

So what kind of an option does the new generation have left for them, I wonder?


OmanforLife said...

The only option, for those who stay, is to continue to strive to MAKE the slow changes towards progress. The question I have is "Do we have the endurance to wait out a change that may not happen in our generation"?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


To be honest, I think that the responsibility lies upon the educational system's shoulders first and foremost and the student secondly.

If there is a slight chance of creativity in the line of educating one's self learning process within their chosen path, then it should by all means be entertained.

As for your question, I think that very much depends on every individual's tolerance. Don't you?