Tuesday, February 06, 2007

how much do you value your privacy?

George Bush Junior was deeply criticized about why he tapped the American's telephone calls and internet transactions on which he justified that he would do anything to intercept terrorists and their sleeping cells for the sake of the 'nation's security'.

So how is it justified from our end if you were to find out that your phone was wired and every phone call or internet transaction you make over the Internet was traced by your government?

Privacy has become a major issue all over the world mainly because of the spread of the 'possessive culture' - at least in the Middle East region.

So how much do you value yours?


DoTs... said...

there is no privacy in this world anymore.. satellite.. phones.. 7ata google earth.. !

Sleepless In Muscat said...

i agree..

but you didn't give your opinion about how you would feel to such a situation happening to you

DoTs... said...

we've been through that during the Gulf War.. "don't say this cause they'll hear you"
now we make jokes about it..

(am talking on a high authority level.. not a "mom and dad" issue )