Sunday, February 18, 2007

just the beginning

No, the above picture isn't me nor of any newly born relative of mine.

But it is somehow the state that I come at - much to anybody's surprise - when it comes to article writing and what to do next after it.

My articles have started taking so much time of mine that I hardly even think anything then I have an inspiration for an idea. Last time I was working on one, I had stayed up until 5am in the morning working on it because it had been a rough day and nothing was leaving me any time for working on articles that had barely hours to their deadline. But I did it and I am damn proud that I did.

It works wonders when you know what you're doing and you feel the passion for your work that you put all your efforts into making the best out of it that you don't care about anything else unless it has dyer direct dyer consequences on you, your environment or the people that you love the most. Other than that; to Hell with everything else.

So what am I complaining about?

Nothing, I guess.

It was just a statement, I thought I would make to make clear on why I don't post as many posts on this blog anymore, because besides my blogging on different sites; I write two articles once a week for the TimesofOman online portal (incidentally, they won the golden web awards - a big congratulations to them is in hand), one article per month to theweek; 3 articles per month to the SQU Horizon newsletter; I am working on collecting new poetry for my 3rd book (which, the title is still under wraps); and my participation in Sleepless In Muscat, Arabia Calling, Bizz Whizz Dubai, and finally A Secret Arabian Journal.

And above all that, I am still trying to get other things into gear, but I won't be saying much about them so as not to ruin the surprise on you.

So you can all imagine that it is indeed my right to be scratching my head that way after all that.

And, yet; this is just the beginning...


secure said...

Y36eek il3afya ya Bu'7asan :)
we are waiting for the surprises, keep them coming :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thanks, but that still means that you have to wait.


secure said...

i dont mind waiting.. bas awwal shay let me know lol. *demanding b3ad* LoL :)

but i must say that kid is just adorable, he is cute, great face expressions. :) *MashaAllah*