Tuesday, February 06, 2007

monopolizing the media industry

I read very recently about in India there was a ruling in a court of law to give free-to-air public channels the signal feed for broadcasting cricket matches within the borders since it was considered sort of a national sport that the whole nation glues itself to the television box to cheer on their favorite team.

I wondered, howcome is it that one country can impose such a 'law' on pay-TV channel owners such as India but the entire Arab world can do nothing about distributing the rights equally and fairly upon other Middle Eastern channels in our region of the Earth against such monopolistic business methods taken by media monsters such as the A.R.T. group to monopolize the feeds to their advantage only while they forget that the entire meaning behind the game of football is to enjoy how a certain team plays it's game; keyword being team, here.

It's just as well that Dubai Television did not give exclusive broadcasting rights to them as it was it was rumored.

Let's hope that by 2010, we will all be able to enjoy a good game of football without having to go to the nearest cafe to watch it.

And for those from the Americas; the reason why your team is such a miserable loser is the very fact that you call the sport 'soccer' and not 'football' like the rest of the world.

Good luck; you'll be needing it. :P


DoTs... said...

lol @ your last paragraph..
btw.. can u tell me more about Dubai TV and how didn't they fully give the exclusive right to the other channels?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

it was rumored that Dubai TV was only going to give exclusive rights to A.R.T. to show the Gulf Cup in the UAE. Then it levelled down to them just giving 10 minute highlights of selected matches.

Finally, it was confirmed that whoever bid for the rights to broadcast the transmission shall get it without exclusivity.