Friday, February 09, 2007

is it really over?

So Hamas and Fatah have put aside their differences, sat down at a negotiation table and agreed to shake hands on establishing the first united government cabinet in the history of Palestine.

All very well and good.

But does this mean that everything from now will be back to normal?

I think that it only means - if the two political parties are serious about this agreement - that this is the first step into the right direction towards getting Palestine and it's occupied territories back into the hands of their rightful owners. The Palestinians themselves.

But how well is it really going so far?

While they are sitting, smiling, and joining in the celebration of commemorating this occasion, the 'Israelis' have already cut through the foundation of the West wing under Al-Aqsa mosque, threatening, not only to break into foundations that hold up the very mosque, but to also trigger anger unlike any other of the entire Muslim world, the globe over.

So where is this really all going? And how is it that Saudi Arabia is suddenly interested in being the referry in this situation as well as the Lebanese crisis when it accused Hezbollah of being the trigger of the Israeli offensive, but, controversially, inviting them over to Mecca to look into the future plans of the country under political crisis?

Something's awry about all of this.



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DoTs... said...

time is the only thing that is going to show us if it is really over..

i think every party is sick of the fighting and killing and accusing each other.. even kids get bored of playing such games !

Sleepless In Muscat said...

'.. even kids get bored of playing such games!'

I couldn't agree with you more