Friday, February 23, 2007

A Beauty Nobody Can Deny

If I haven't told you already
Then I am telling you now
You've taken my heart
My soul
Even a smile replaces my frown

You've made me see
That there's purpose to life, after all
That no matter what may happen
Passion never goes cold

That our lives are beyond understanding
No matter how we may try to comprehend
The solutions; the problems that are dissolved
Even the self-denial that we put ourselves in

If there was a way to repay you by putting on a show
I would ask the Moon for a spotlight on your face
The stars to dangle in your eyes to show the beauty you hold that should be embraced
And the breeze to whisk your hair gently as onlookers pass by
Under a drizzle of rain from the cloud woven skies

You are the beauty that can never be denied


Balqis said...

Why men are so reluctant to talk about their feelings the way a poet does ?
Is so frustrating sometimes
Even if you know that the other loves you, sometimes you need to hear it

secure said...

I totally agree with Balqis.. that is so frustrating indeed when they never talk lol.

that was a great poem.. =)

Jum3a Mubaraka Ali and you too balqis.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Balqis: I have no idea. Maybe its because men in general don't like to give the idea that they are the sensitive type and they'd like the macho image more because in it lies their inner strength.

That's just an opinion, though.


Once again, thank you for your nice words.

o Jum3a mubaraka 3alaich o a7ba2ich inshallah