Sunday, February 25, 2007

we're not winning any titles

The way I see it is this; our countries, and the entire 3rd world population have been condemning, requesting, imploring and all that la di da for oh so long that it's become part of our national anthem when something atrocious happens in our side of the globe.

And what's worse is that the high end officials and possibly the leaders think that we love this coming from people we look up to and people we expect the perfect answer from. So they continue playing the scratched record over and over again.

And to be honest, I, as an Arab, in the ever so confrontational region of the Middle East have become so damn bored with the situation and lost faith in the system we live by thinking that one day we will one day get our rights back from those who have taken it away by force.

It is high time that the people with the great comfortable chairs with wooden arms to start doing something about the detoriating situation our region is ailing to.

Because, and believe it or not, one day, the people will start to do something about it by taking matters into their hands.

And may God have mercy on us that day.