Monday, February 12, 2007

ranting along the OmanTel song - part 2

Consider these small, yet, important piece of facts: Every PowerNet OmanTel subscriber has to pay a monthly rental of 12 Omani Rials; and a one-time connection fee of 10 Omani Rials if you have no previous internet connection set up for your household; and that your internet connection get's disconnected more times all too often.

Once considering these facts; what would your first move be to face such obstacles by a company that boasts about the latest technology, the greatest customer service offered nationwide; and the cheapest prices ever to be on offer in the GCC region?

The first logical step is to complain. But if your complaint is met by an ignorant person on the other line telling that the fault is within your hardware and not within your connection with service provider, when it actually is; then what?

Just because OmanTel currently dominates the telecommunications market by being a monopolistic internet and fixed lines firm does not mean that we should adhere to it by just giving in simply because we have nothing in our hands better to do about the problem.

There is a solution. We have the means to complain about such bad services through the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (T.R.A.) and about malpractice in the field of telecommunications. We have every right to demand for our rights from such a poor service provider.

The very fact that we pay OmanTel money every month is a an agreement on their behalf that they cannot operate financially without our money even with the government's backing. So, technically speaking, we are shareholders of this organization just as much as any individual who had invested in the previous IPO that was held in the Muscat Securities Market (M.S.M.) back in June, 2005.

So, this would mean that they are in debt to us by giving us the best service, the best products, and the best satisfaction. Things that OmanMobile - OmanTel's subsidiary company - has yet to understand.

And the rant goes on...


DoTs... said...

lol @ "and the rant goes on"

those people @ omantel should really read your articles to know how to improve !

Sleepless In Muscat said...

well if they did, they'd probably try to shut me down.

but then, this is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH

*in your face OMANTEL*