Tuesday, February 20, 2007

who holds who?

First, Hamas was designated as a terror organization because it 'illegally' fought the Israeli opression machine. Then Israel started holding off the funds that were coming in by the EU until the 'situation' calmed down. And even the fact still stands that Hamas was elected by the people for the people in the last Palestinian presidential elections, they were still not recognized by the USA.

And now, ever since the Mecca agreement to form a joint unity government that consisted of both Hamas and Fatah leaders, the USA and the state of 'Israel' is now threatening to boycott the new unity unless the newly formed government 'recognizes the quartet's demands to form peace with Israel'.

Fact: None of the GCC countries recognize the state Israel ever since it's formation by the UN.

Fact: Hamas does not recognize the state of Israel because of it's violent and aggressive oppression on the Palestinian people even since it invaded the occupied land.

Fact: The USA has told Israeli PM Olmert to withhold any talks with the Syrian side regarding the Jolan Heights to end the Israeli occupation in that area.

So, the question is here: Who holds who under their thumb?



- US and Israel 'back boycott plan'