Tuesday, February 13, 2007

efficiency of public sector services

How does one expect a country to go boldly into the 21st century in terms of embracing western advanced technologies, methods and strategies if their own country still runs on 3rd world development methodologies - specifically: beauracracy?

The government of the Sultanate of Oman has been pushing forward the devlopment cycle in the country so as to establish basic services for it's people in need. But it may seem to people that it is forgetting about equal distribution of such services as well the amount of efficiency that goes along with providing them.

If one were voyage into one of the ministries in the Sultanate, not only is he met by a receptionist who spends most of their free time (if not all) by squabbing away about how their neighbors are doing and how they spent last night, and by doing so, giving away important attention to people who are actually in need of their service.

Let alone the other people who are employed in various standards and positions, thinking of themselves as patrons of a mission once embarked upon then nothing else matters, by telling you to go off to someone else to help you out when it them that you need to be talking to and others that are ill-qualified for their position because either they were employed because they knew someone in the organization's district or because they needed despretely to employ an Omani to adhere to current Omanization laws that prohibit the employment of non-Omanis in most companies and government organizations.

Then of course, the inadaquecy of the services given to individuals such as not providing you with enough information to fully finish your 'social visit' to the ministry, or the dreaded 'come back in a week' term that is often used by ministry officials because they couldn't be bothered to finish it off right there and then for you unless their boss starts showing them his red eyes or starts breathing carbondioxide down their neck.

If the country is ever going to develop in a true sense, then there is dyer need for it start from the very foundation that the economy stands upon in co-operation with private sector business owners and officials.

Instead of using wasta, use your brains.


Suburban said...

You are soooo right-on about the receptionists at the ministries. (and just about everywhere else) I have blogged a bit about Oman's receptionists in general terms, and I have a future entry on why the heck do even high ranking Ministry folks still use hotmail addresses.

Anyway, I couldn't agree with you more... In my experience with the ministries here, I've found that about 20% of ministry employees are comitted, hard working, visionaries who want to make things happen and help push the country forward. Unfortunately, the balance are a bunch of overgrown children who think the government and HM owe them a living for doing nothing. They are either too young to recall how things were 35 years ago, or too stupid to see that eventually, we're all going to have to work.

The hydrocarbons won't last forever, and when those go, so will the days of Job creation for the useless and lazy through beurocracy.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

This is just the first seed of rants against public sector organizations that don't perform in an orderly professional way.

And deservingly so, may I add.