Monday, February 19, 2007

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Before I go on and give you the link to the latest article being published in the website, I have an apology to make to everyone out there.

It seems, due to technicalities, that the articles will from now on be published on every Monday instead of Sunday. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

And now, without a further ado, I give to you my latest article.


secure said...

I would say, yes when i grow up i would turn out just like my parents, over protective, loving and caring :) .. yes when i was a teenager (ayyam el'3ou9) i would always not like the way my parents would treat me. But now when i'm grown up, i do understand why they said that and that moment of time or for that action. Great article Ali.

Having said that, i read in Trevor's Blog on 2nd Jan a great writing he wrote about his father, you may enjoy reading it. It is called Don't Wait .. it reminded me about my father (sniff sniff allah yer7ameh)

Enjoy the rest of the eve. :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Allah yir7amah inshallah.

Thanks for your nice words..

Balqis said...

I liked this one in particular cause am in a phase of life [38 is mature or old ?] am rethinking about many issues and this is one of them.
Now that I understand them more and yes I find myself very similar to them, well am happy of that cause it means they succeeded with me but it was tough :p
You're doing a great job Ali mabrook

Sleepless In Muscat said...


1) welcome back to the blog! I missed your posts.

2) Thanks for your supportive words and I appreciate every word you said here in your comment and hope to always satisfy my readers through my articles, inshallah.