Saturday, February 24, 2007

good for us

The GCC council has requested from the International Atomic Agency through the UN to give it's acceptance to a GCC peaceful nuclear programme that would help create electricity and other means of much needed power for the upcoming projects each individual country is proposing to come up with.

Even though everyone in the world knows the consequences and responsibilites that would fall upon the individuals to operate such nuclear power plants, they still plan to go with it giving the excuse that there is much need for the extra means of power for the development of the country's infrastructure and also because water salnation producing plants aren't that cost effective and will one day run the countries dry of their natural resources.

No one has ever though about the alternative of using natural resources of energy such as the Sun, or the wind or other battery powered cells, especially here in Oman since the ministry involved in approving such a method being used rejects the mere idea even as the means are available like solar power panels.

The possible reasons that lie are possibly more financial than political due the economy's need for the extra cash flow to run through the routine financial cycle by not offering free sources of power. Although the Sultanate of Oman is a leader in preserving the environment - or so says the officials.

So good for us that we are getting what's coming to us. And welcome to your doorsteps the nuclear winter.


OmanforLife said...

We are having a hard time keeping minor facilities under control and managed properly...and as for keeping our "environmental concerned" country clean? Please don't make me laugh too hard, as I might actually pee on myself. How in the world do they expect to manage a nuclear power plant...and god forbid there is ever an issue of a leak situation. (I'm thinking of the car accidents and few fires here and how people tend to gather like a swarm of bees)
As you said, there is plenty of sun... Is it really necessary to take on a nuclear power plant due to the lack of mental capacity for ideas on how to boost our economy? Cheap and quick shortcuts usually give you cheap and quick endings.

Balqis said...

We also investing some millions in a nuclear plant in Bulgaria
Exciting isn't it ?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


My sentiments exactly. But unfortunately, the request has gone to the Atomic agency for review.


I hope you're being sarcastic.