Saturday, February 17, 2007

vandalism in Oman: a hidden culture

Unfortunately in Oman, there has been a new trend on the move up in the minds of our our young youth that is much cause for concern; vandalism.

Children, youngsters and young adults of different nationalities (and no this isn't limited to Omanis, so stop your dissing already) often look to different targets to take out their frustration, rage, and feelings on and that pretty much includes anything that falls in their path. Whether it was another human being, an animal or just public property.

The sad thing is that none of these youngsters instead of having to focus that energy at discussing it quietly with their friends or family or relatives they take it out in a frightening way that cause not just disruption for other people but loss of good time and money on things that had been worked on for a tremendous amount of time only to be trashed around with by their hands.

While local laws prohibit such acts by both the ROP and Muscat Muncipality; it is quite ironic that when such law enforcement figures pass by such atrocities that they do nothing about it. All too bad, though.

So should we stand aside when acts are done, or should we take an active stand and act as the law asks and dictates us to?

A question only we can answer between ourselves.


Per Your Request said...

I say beat them kids.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request:

A bit too extreme, wouldn't you think?

OmanforLife said...

The graffiti in MQ has been on the rise in the past few well as the breaking of the lights on the streets. I've noticed the spray paint being painted over...with no avail, because the vandals come back and recreate their "art" with a vengence. The people responsible, aside from the obvious (the kids themselves) are the parents and society. The parents that have little to no control and a society that enables them to continue this destructive behavior.
Though policing the area would help, it wouldn't cure the problem.
Social programs are in order...for the parents and the kids.
On a side note, my husband and I were walking back from MQ Kargeen one night...and I felt VERY uneasy about having left our car parked in a parking area that was not lit very well and surrounded by a bunch of kids that should have been in bed on a school night. Where in the heck are their parents?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


You may know that the whole area surrounding those buildings are owned by the W.J. Towel Group and it is their responsibility at first to provide the comfort that one looks upon to residents that come back and forth in that place.

The place is policed but not frequently, by different policemen and the current security guard that stands guard on an everyday basis.

I can agree on the point that you raised on setting up social programs to allow people; both adults and their children to locate where they can focus their bad needed energies on more positive outlets like sports and the such.

weirdgoat said...

What about giving them special places where they can do graffiti?
Won't that help?

And I agree with the first comment, Get some whips and those kids won't be repeating their mistakes anytime soon.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


violent solutions will not solve anything, in fact, they might create more problems.

What we need is a proper solution to the problem. Like CCTV cameras to patrol the area for any suspicious activities or more security measures.

If these children really want to do grafitti art, they could have their own exhibition at the Oman Exhibition Centre