Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the backwards phenomenon

Does it seem to you like everything is going backwards these days or is it just me?

Genders are gradually doing what the other does; men wearing earings; having pony-tails; and in addition to that all wearing indecent feminine style clothing and color. The slogan from Giordanos "World Without Strangers" may come to a reality now that this phenonmenon is upon us.

Everything seems to making a backturn into the olden days. Individuals are now listening to 80's music more than any other time in history - perhaps even during that era. People are now more into history than into future findings. They are more curious about past affairs than what they should be looking upon that is around the corner.

It isn't exactly something that should alarm the population mass, but it is something well worth looking into.

Wouldn't you think?