Monday, June 05, 2006

Heaven's Gates (Pt.1)

There is only the sun
And the sea
There is only us
You and me

There is only the world
Us and them
Children cry, weap
And vent

There are only wars
Of which we see
The lives of thousands, millions
Dead because of greed

There is only life
To free us now
To help us smile
In a time where we wear a frown

There are only our loved ones
Whom we cherish the most
There is only our family, our relatives, friends
To be there to kneel on

There is a time
There is a place
There is life we all aim to live
And yet, there will come a day

No more wounds
No more heartbreaks
No more pain
No more sounds of shattered souls in our ears

There will only be a day
For us to smile
For our life to be so white

And the single red rose for an ever twinkling in someone's crystal eyes

(to be continued..)