Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't Stop

The blog world seems to have taken a vacation now seeing that summer vacations are up and running, or others have found new lives to uptake such as work, marriage or perhaps a time to take to their own.

The thing is that with most bloggers; is that they blog out of choice when they would like to. But not out passion. Something which not many of the writers behind the blogs share as a feeling or an inspiration to get into the 'business' of handling topics that deal with issues of current state.

There are those that uptake blogging as a means to write up their daily or not-so-frequent diary book and not having their up close and personal thoughts engraved into the lines between. There are others who prefer to write of what is going on in their side of the world and how they feel about it and what they feel their opinion of the whole situation is. Yet there is still another group who blog just for the sake of blogging, as such. As it is a writer to just write.

It is that group that don't give into the circumstances no matter what they may be to stop blogging or writing whatever may ever happen. From poems, short stories, to just writing opinions about almost anything.

It is to the first group that this post is dedicated to.

Don't stop.


Nash said...

I wonder which group I belong to, what about yourself?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Nash: the answer is all in the post :o)

Arabized said...

dont stop reminds me of that red hot chili peppers song.

people seem to be on vacation.

Sleepless In Muscat said...




and i know what you mean by saying 'people seem to be on vacation'.....all because of a world cup or something else...

if you put yourself into something you have to be totally dedicative