Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dangerous Games

Have you ever seen those movies where you get to see a creator of something so sophisticated and complex to the point of having to set its eyes on its creator as the first prey?

Movies that challenge or encourage that sort of an idea or behavior are, without a due, very dangerous. Even though they portray the most realistic special effects and stories to make it oh so believable to the point that you could actually believe them. Its those type of movies that we should be scared about. Not because of their scenarios or FX but because they influence a more challenging culture into the minds of unknown prey. Just like a silent venom lurking within, hunting, waiting, for the perfect moment to strike away. And when it does - God help us all.

The influence of such movies on people who are influential are those that have hidden ideas, suggestions of which we carry forward with our experiences to make it seem so normal. But like the pretty much 'unknown' case of using an illegal technique way back in the 1970's in the USA, whereby an unsuspecting audience of movie-watchers were tricked into watching a set of adverts before a movie and then given a small break before it started to see the effects of it. What happened that Coca Cola had used an illegal method of screen advertising called subliminal messaging which simply put is flicking the main frame of a product's brand for 1/10th of a second. The audience doesn't know what hit them but the effect is still there, unconciously; causing them to buy more of the product during that small break before the movie.

Such is the idea of using movies in that sense.

But this time the subliminal messaging is encoded into the story. What meets the eye is an innocent looking movie whether it is a cartoon/action/thriller/romance and so on and so forth. But the smart ones are those who figure out what's between the storylines of the different characters and the 'action' of the movie itself.

This doesn't mean that one who should analyze and re-analyze what the story is going on about. But it doesn't hurt to be cautious, either.

Either way, those with devious deeds are out there preying on us seizing every moment they can get their hands on to tighten the air on us until we are like the ring on their fingers.

Question is here: Are you going to let them polish you like that?


Nash said...

I like your writing style. SO, do you get some ideas when u watch movies?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


welcome back!

Long time since you have commented on this blog..


thanks for your compliments..and to answer your question: funnily and contradictory enough; yes I do.