Saturday, June 17, 2006

inner deepest secrets

I don't expect anyone to ever to understand me - ever.

I have always had this issue around me that makes people think that I am some brick wall always built up to just argue. I won't say that I agree with them; nor will I say that I disagree either. I just won't judge upon them, because I know one thing for sure. They haven't been where I have been in life, nor have they gone through the difficulties I have known my entire life.

I won't share those inner deep secrets with anyone, because no one is worthy of my trust in my opinion from the other sex - sorry, ladies, but this isn't quite a sexist remark as you may think it is.

You're probably saying to yourself that I would one day change my attitude and my thinking pattern to the better. Maybe so. Then again; maybe not. All I am saying is that I don't believe that such a day would come.

What kind of a day am I speaking of?

The kind where you would see for yourself that you have found that one and only.

The kind where you would give up everything you ever worked for your entire lifetime for a simple second with the other half that completes your every minute on this rachid Earth.


Because no one is ever worth of such a truth.

No one at all.