Monday, June 26, 2006


Pardon the intrusion
Pardon the confusion
How and what should I say?

I am alone
All alone
Thinking of what may come and what come may

Pardon the grief
Pardon the sorrow
Pardon the soul
That is filled with pessimisim
Up to it's burrow

Pardon the leaf
That falls to the ground
Pardon the life
That I would love to give back, for I am non-profound

Pardon the lakes
That skim water creeks
Pardon the lifelong difficulties
That show no mercy

Pardon the cry
Of a child
Should he cry out
He only lives one life

Pardon the flower
That does not grow
Pardon the truth that is
Within this desperate soul

Pardon me
Pardon the grief
Pardon the miserable words
That you do read

Pardon the rules of life
Pardon the cruelty that lives along with you in all time

This is the sin
That I hold
For a sinner I am
For a sinner, people against me, will always hold


flutterby said...

Nice, lurv it.....