Friday, June 16, 2006

Crystal, Josephine

Crystal, Josephine chime
Forever the is the wind that blows at my line
Chaos is the cure
Potential is often thought pure
But what is seized is declined

Crystal, Josephine chime
The point of a rythem is to make one and not rhyme
Beauty at will and grace
Forever is the passion that stands with a trace
But when all is gone, all you have left is no time

Crystal beware
Of the rachid snears
Crystal beware
Of the crocodile tears
Josephine stands
All but to help
The tale of a past
Is yours to forget

Crystal, Josephine chime
Forever is the heart's wound that goes uncleansed and dry
Passion is the beauty
The beauty behind the trust
To fathom the interpretation
To seek the truth is a cause that is just

Crystal, Josephine chime
Seek, 'tis the truth, you will find

Inspired by the movie: V For Vendetta