Tuesday, June 13, 2006

thinking out loud

My life isn't as eventful as it has been anticopated ever since I started work almost 2 months ago. And I had just visited The Muscati's blog and read their latest blog enteries which pretty much the same, that although their life is now pushing them to the extreme they wouldn't know where to put their spare time to thus the lack of their enteries during the last month.

If you asked me whether I would see myself ending up in that situation some time back, I would given you a definite no, because writing is passion, no matter what it is that I write - even if you should see it as pure trash.

So the same question now applies to me but right now at this time, today. And to be honest, I would give it a 50/50 chance of whether some day I would stop altogether blogging/writing, not because I am super busy (which I am, by the way); but because I am now finding it unbelievably harder to write down what it is on my mind because my mind is now set into 'work mode' thus switching the Eastern hemisphere off that stops my thoughts from reaching my finger tips. :D

I don't know. This is me just thinking out loud, I guess.