Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Emotional Plead

Don't ask me to look elsewhere
For I can only see you
Don't tell me that there will be a day
That I will find another one, because all I want is you

You've shut me down
I can't think anymore
I can't seem to look anywhere
You're in my thoughts; everywhere

I tried to smile but it seems too fake
I tried not to cry but the best I could do was only shed a tear
I tried to say no to the circumstance
I tried not to give in to what was going on with me
But all it did was made me more confused
Like seasons in the sun
Summer is here, and winter is now gone

Leafs throw themselves at the ground
People walk over them as if they are some past thoughts
I don't want to be like them
I want to be myself no matter what anyone may have said

Because of you
The sun doesn't smile at me in the sky
Because of you
The moon no longer winks my way in the night

Give me back my life
Give me back what feelings you have taken
Give me back please
My heart