Sunday, June 25, 2006

blogs and bloggers: is this the end of an era?

Blogs and bloggers worldwide have become increasingly under attack for their open opinion and what they think of the world and the surviving environment that surrounds them. And elsewhere on the planet, a lot of bloggers have been arrested for airing their opinions which contituted a vast reform in a certain field. And although most of them remain anonymous, the black suits still come at them to stop them from corrupting the minds of generations and generations of early minds that are proposed to be brainwashed.

Technically speaking, bloggers cannot be held responsible for what they post on their blogs because although they do 'write' these posts, they are also considered just thoughts for recollection and debate nothing more, nothing less. And while the many minds of this vast new field of blog run world is in increase, there has been a bigger restriction in some developed countries around who gets to access the information or not and who exactly can start one such as China, South Korea and Singapore.

Whilst, in most developing countries, such as the GCC countries, there has been a certain restriction over what kind of information you can access through the net; political; economical; environmental; and historical content that contains secrets to the past of the GCC nation if not for the entire Arab world after WWII. Most Internet Service Providers such as OmanTel, Itisalat and Saudi Arabian Telecommunications Company consider that this is with their juristicion to have such content deaccessed by the public, while what is so ironic about the whole matter is that you can gain access to this information sometimes in the public market on DVD, CD or some imported media that holds the same type of information which was with-held on the 'net.

It is clear that some form of control is being rattled up to avoid the rattle and shake of a silent giant within the local communities with the gigantic proportion of information that is often misleading more than it is informative over the Internet. But is this giant a figment of imagination just to seize more control over the new and ever developing Internet technology, or does it really exist?

In the midst of this whole process the freedom of expression is being hammered down along with it that sometimes includes probes of secret groups shutting up the traps of the 'truth radicals'. Will this though, be the end of the bloggers and their blogs in the future to come?

One thing I do believe, everyone has their right to their freedom of expression no matter how bad it does sound only if it is against a wrongful system and the goal of the rant is to reach the desirable which is to set things right.

Otherwise, what are we doing here?


mimi said...

really?? I really need to come ouf this shell i'm living in!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


nice to have you back in the blogosphere..where have you been?

as to the shell..what shell are you talking about?

GMJ said...

freedom of speech doesnt really exist, i think. there are certain soft spots you arent supposed to touch .. even if you are giving well-structured constructive critisizm.

sometimes i feel they do have a point, some topics are better off un-discussed. (im talking about the uae now) .. its a newly established country and any talk regarding the sheikhdoms, or past history of the uae could stir up civil disputes (ta3a9ub el qaba2el)..
but on the other hand, i do believe the citizens have the right to know how this country stood on its feet.

blog world is filled with rants and ramblings .. should everything be taken seriously ? i dont think so .. unless sources were mentioned, and the blogger was merely posting results of his/her prolific research.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


you could be right about what you posted. but then again, the truth always hurts and truth - in the end - will set you free.

no one ever knew about guanatanamo, nor did anyone want to know anything about it but when information was seized, all hell broke loose.. that could be cited as an outside example..for instance..

its what we choose to listen to and what to filter and what to believe in the end that will have an influence on us all no matter what the consequences, no matter what the ends will be..