Thursday, June 08, 2006

To The One & Only

To the one and only
I will never find
Of true love – not materialism
My one heart desires

I beg you
I beceit you
Take me out of my pain

Of the unhappiness I live with
The loneliness that looms over me
With nothing to gain

Of true love
And heart dwelled desires
Of ripped souls
And emotional anguish and fire

Of matters of love
And the soul to gain

Where the hearts cry
Tree leaves die
Birds stop chirping only to sit and stop by
To see the scene of a heart that it is to die

The clouds rain in tears
Sadness turns into fear

The light that once lit this room
Is now fading away
Until another time for it to bloom
By the mystic hands of another love, that would face the worldly problems, no matter which way