Friday, June 16, 2006

Time-Tamed Soul

Finding the way
To describe you
I have no words
Only truth

Of life and fame
I want not
Of love; pure love
I want only one

Rosy red personality
That would bring from within
The impurity of my life's
Unfolded pages of shame

The shadow of the walls
Scream away at me
They scream of pain
Of low self-seteem and self-pitty

They throw their claws at me
The abuse me, obscure me

I hide with the pain, and the garnish
I hide away my feelings, experiences tarnished

I have no one to hold out their hand to me
Yet, I call out to you..


To the shining star
In my sky
To the ever gleaming lifeline
That is thrown to me at this time

I ask that you forgive me
For writing this letter
For showing my emotions
And not waiting until you were better

I feel like a fool
Full of shame
The lamplight on my lonely street
Has been broken and thrown away

To the shining full moon
That smiles upon me this very night
The tears I cry now
Are offerings of my time-tamed soul that is torn aside...