Monday, June 12, 2006

Leave, Please..

Let's say from a perspective that this is a perfect world
then why do we hurt; live in pain; cry a tear at night?
let's just say that we live for ourselves
isn't the purpose of a life that we live to reach a goal in our life?

I saw your eyes
I saw your sight
I just wished the sky would topple over and drop over me

I don't want to know anything about you
I don't want to see you or hear you
I don't want to feel what feelings you bring up in me

I only wish that I would just get on with my life
I only wish that I could forget that you were ever there
I don't want to be reminded of your existence
the denial of your presence

night clouds over
a chosen profession of my heart
that it hides away
lies away
succumbing to anything that is a challenge
except what relates to you

I am sorry
I no longer believe
I have my own life now
so I'd like you to leave, please