Sunday, June 18, 2006

the most pathetic excuse in the world

So I finally decided to talk about my thoughts on the World Cup 2006.

Why the whole world is so obsessed with a game that's been around for centuries is beyond me. I have no love for sport. Although I have always played sports when I was young but just for fun and because I was so young.

But now, I have grown up.

I have other hobbies that I attend to. Things that benefit me mentally more than physically. True that some people may find it somewhat weird that someone such as I to not be a football fanatic less than a sports maniac, but I however think its a matter of taste, and keeness to do something that you are really into.

And football is something I am not into.

And this opinion just gets stronger by the day throughout this period because I see the whole world having fun while the rest of the globe is in poverty, hunger, thrist, and at a challenge to change the way things are going on in a way politically, socially, economically and environmentally.

In short, this whole scene makes one truly think of the saying "while the cat goes away, the mice come out to play".


"you kids go on play ball while I go on and ruin the world when you don't know".


A Yahya said...

Ali, i challenge u to go to one live football live huge football game with international teams and a stadium filled to capacity and u'll change ur mind.

It doesnt matter who is playing...the atmosphere would be enough to get u excited. Trust me.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

I knew I would get someone to reply to this post!


Yahya: I accept your challenge and by the way just because you're in an atmosphere where a big crowd is 'enjoying' a game of football it doesn't neccessarily mean you will 'enjoy' it and end up loving the game and forgetting about all the world's issues.


A Yahya said...

Its about escapism, thats all. Its about enjoying life coz its just way too short.

By the way, i dont like watching football either because it is too boring, but my friend took me to the international youth championship games here in the UAE in 2003 and all I could say afterwards was 'wow'.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I'm sorry my friend..but that excuse still does not convince me to forget about life's realities