Thursday, June 22, 2006

من قال

من قال أن الليل
لا يأتي قبل النهار؟
من قال أنه لن يموت
فوافته الأقدار؟
من قال أنه لن يحب
فوقع في الغرام؟
و من قال أن آلام الماضي
تفوت كما الأنهار؟

كم من قائل قال مقولة
فنسي الكلام؟
من قال أن العالم
ملجوم بالآثام؟
و من قال أن الحب
سررٌ و وئام؟

من قال أن الغرام
من نظرة الإنسان؟
من قال أنه لن يتألم
فتصّور الأمر سيّان؟
من قال أن الدنيا تحب الإبتسامة
فكلّما رأى وجهٌ، رأى الكراهية و البغضة و فتان؟

و من قال أن الدنيا لعبة
فوقع في المتاه؟

و من قال أن الحب نظرة
فكلّما رأيت وجهها، بكيت نفسك هجاءً؟


uae alias said...

look Quite it , its a gift and you simply dont have it! This is even worse than ur other poem!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


that - my friend - is a matter of opinion..

ArabLady said...

i wonder why ppl like to hurt others...hey sleepless nice poem...waiting 4 more

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you. I try to ignore those who hurt me.

and thanks for your compliment. If there is another one to come out I will surely share it, inshallah..


uae alias said...

Arab Lady I wasn't trying to hurt anybody i was trying to be VERY honest and when it comes to poetry I know what I'm talking about...
مطلع القصيدة يذكرني بالنظرية الشهيره
"من أتى أولا البيضة أم الدجاجة"

Sleepless In Muscat said...


if you didn't like it, then you should have stayed quite yourself about it. Others DO have opinions, you know. And that would be different to yours.

So if you didn't like it - then, fine - but don't go beating around the bush and telling people not to aspire. Because it wasn't 101 times the light inventor failed into making a light, it was 101 times he learned how NOT to make a light.

uae alias said...

Interesting, you said:"Others DO have opinions" well i have one too...
u said :"don't go beating around the bush and telling people not to aspire." I didn't i was just replying to Arabd Lady coz she commented on my comment!
you said "it wasn't 101 times the light inventor failed into making a light, it was 101 times he learned how NOT to make a light.
" well he was gifted so trying many times was amikng sense, you are not ! why do u have hard time accepting the truth? post what you characterise as ur BEST poem and i may give u another opinion even though im sure i won't.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

yes everyone has their own opinion...but it seems you want to force your opinion on others by telling me to QUIT posting what I want to - i.e.: this Arab language post.

so in that sense, your opinion isn't one of freedom but it is of ranting and demotivation. therefore, in this case, its better if you kept it to yourself and left others to form their opinions too.

uae alias said...

DUH! it was an advise who am i to force you, ur father ! go to hell with whatever you want to post i just didn't want you to make a fool out of urself fine, post and i will laugh at them and i challenge you to write anything prpoer EVER!

Sleepless In Muscat said...



all this from a simple conversation here? hmmmm..

well, all i can say is that if i do end up in Hell, then i will probably see you there first because of your improper online behavior towards me and your loud mouth approach, too.

but thank you for your 'advice' all the same

uae alias said...

believe me hell wont be hell to me until u come and start saying ur poems!

Sleepless In Muscat said...

no one asked you for your opinion..

no one slapped you on your hand and made you visit my blog to read my posts..

and my father's name is too clean to be named on your dirty tongue. so you'd better watch what you're saying.

Rasha said...


interesting hostility...

anyway, i liked it.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

rasha: how interesting is when two people are debating on something they consider serious and you come in with a silly joke?

don't bother leaving comments, too

ArabLady said...

Well some people are talking about the freedom of expression. I wanna express my opinion too….this is a personal blog 4 a person who wants to express his thoughts, opinions, what ever he wants no matter how shity it is….so when I don’t like his posts why do I have to bother about visiting his blog or reading his crappy stuff if u feel so…wondering why Arabs keep on arguing …just to waste energy :)