Thursday, June 15, 2006

so whose going to pay for this?

In the ever broadening effects of how our economy is 'booming' nowadays (and yes, by 'our economy', I do mean the Omani economy), there was an advertisement in the local newspapers published by the Muscat Wastewater Services Company S.A.O.C. - which, in case you never knew - is a state owned company that has it's services diverted into one organization instead of being a whole with Muscat Municpality - stating that there will be a charge for sewage services for each household that uses the Muscat wastewater company services.

Ironically, this project was given a go-ahead by the state and thus being approved by the Muncipality - proving to be the country's largest budgeted project, to date. A project, which no one asked for (not that I am saying that it is not of great use) and moreover being charged for it.

So in a sense, we have inflation in the country by over 3% (refer to Ministry of National Economy general information catalogue), plus the fact that our Omani Rial is pegged to the US Dollar which is now at such a low level you can actually fill up the space to become a swimming pool as long as your back yard, and not to mention our salaries don't actually grow on trees which plunders away with other maintenance bills, charges and debts.

By the time I reach 35 years of age, I would probably have to earn a living by getting 3 jobs - not one to cover all my expenses.

Do the public authorities have an answer to this rising epidimic?