Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The article and reviews..

You may or may not know this but my newest article was published this week in theweek, and it was about - believe it or not - about depression and how to get rid of it.

It's only been two days and one night and so far I have had some very good reviews on the topic that was discussed and everyone thought it was very well handled and saying that they were very 'touched' by it.

Thing is, though, this article had been written more than 3 weeks ago and only got published this week for a reason I know, and now that it has been published I don't feel the - for lack of a better word - the 'power' of the topic. And I hardly understand why everyone really liked it.

If you've read the article, and you felt this way, would you care to explain to me what it is this 'factor' that contributes to making my article a great one?


Mayed Al Qasimi said...

What happened to your links?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

I took them off because I didn't like their appearance in my blog.

Sorry my friend