Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not the same..

People are always nowadays mixing between the two terms despair and desperation. They think that they two of the same kind. That both of them are otherwise known as acts of negative output (input to others who recieve).

Despair happens when someone finds themselves or let's say imagines themselves in a situation that they clearly cannot get out of. Desperation, however, results in a momentary lapse of the unconcious mind which then controls the concious being within for a brief timely period that serves to bring out the energy bottled from the negative/positive energy being pumped into the mind.

In simpler terms, you could say that Despair could result to desperation. But the latter is not always because of the first.

The solution we find for such cases is keeping our sanity intact as much as possible by staying away from such factors that influence us to that certain behavior. Even though if it was of positive input.

This is just an adittion to my published article in last week's issue of theweek..