Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The routine change..

So after the comottion of the rain hurtling down on our area in Muscat, and having the fact present itself that it was it that woke me up from sleep today at 7:30am. Thus, I was unable to sleep afterwards.

So I did a few chores, and then sat at Starbucks to enjoy the weather.

Having had my mood changed was a great thing for me maybe because it was I read some Qur'an yesterday night before I went to sleep. Or maybe because it had rained early in the morning. All in all I was having a great day - and I still am.

Plus, coincidently, we had some Macaroni today for lunch (I know, none of you find that very interesting but I am getting to the point here) which reminded me of Allured's post of her making Pasta for her friends. Quite cool, really.

Although today was quite uneventful, it was to me rewarding after all the sad and gloomy days that I have been living. And all because I changed my routine slightly.

Maybe I should try doing that from now on..