Friday, December 02, 2005

Before I go on..

Before I go on with any more of my posts on this blog I would like to make one thing clear, here..

It has a good nine days since I have seen any of my 'fellow' bloggers post anything on my blog about any of my topics posts. That being said, I have decided to give you all the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you are all merely just reading what you see on my blog and then moving to other's blogs and commenting on theirs instead of mine. But if I find out that you are all somehow pissed off by one of my topics - such as the one that has been posted about my 'Smoking is not cool' article in theweek - then, all I can say is that it is a sad sad day when a blogger, such as I, who shows his true opinion about something that ridicilously being taken in as a deadly habit to be a daily behavior of some sort, to find that none of the public shares his same or maybe similar opinion.

If you're all doing that for that reason or another and haven't voiced your point-of-view on the subject, then, good riddens to you all.

With that being said - I continue my blog's life..


A Yahya said...

I am always reading your blog, but most of the time I am too busy to leave comments or I simply dont feel that I have anything constructive to say about your post.

Do u need to have an affirmation of how brilliant your blog is with 'comments'?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

nomaadic: you know that's not what I meant. And neither is this post directed at you either..

What I meant is that I felt after I had posted a few extreme opinion posts that the number of people who were posting their comments on my blog had decreased dramatically so I began to suspect that it was out of my posts point of view. That's all.

But if you really want to tell me how my blog is brilliant with your humble comments, don't hesitate to - ;oP