Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Mindless Fixation

So I have been depressed for a while now for obvious reasons.

And I have been feeling that my life means nothing without a purpose in it.

And I have had plenty of advice speaking to me about whether I should start looking for a job so I can earn my life's reputation a whole new meaning. And with that it will defintily work towards whether I will end up having a partner in life (and by partner I do mean female) and all that la di da about living happily ever after (without the cheesy music).

And by all measures, I don't think it's a matter of whereby you can just change overnight from being in one mood or not or one personality to another. It's just not that easy. But as a friend of mine has told me it's not impossible either; it's all in the mind.

So if you think whether you should need to live a more positive life, then you will have to focus your mental ability within your subconcious mind to be trained by your concious sector of the brain to give in to the fact that a depressed personality will get you nowhere and fast. And it could lead to dier consequences, too.

So I have taken that upon me to implement such a strategy. But it will be a difficult road I will walk.

I just hope by the end of it, there will be someone there to continue with me my lifetime's journey.


A smile from you is all I need
A smile from inside that goes so deep
A smile is a smile is your heart coloring the world in pink
A smile is your smile is just as angelic as thee