Monday, December 05, 2005

What will we do without each other?

The role between men and women in Middle Eastern societies has forever been known for its view upon individuals who work upon similar mechanics and to the same goal.

Before a man and a woman can embark on their lifelong journey, there has to be some sort of mutual understanding that binds them together as a baseline in case anything does go wrong. In other words, if things do go wrong, then that would mean that everything would have to come back to square one.

But upon there lies another factor which plays a major role. Whose responsibility is it to make the relationship actually work? Is it the man's? Is it the woman's? Which one?

It is safe to say that although society looks to a woman and expects her to be the sole person repsonsible to bring up the children of tomorrow and to teach them about what they need to know about the life that lies ahead of them, that it is both that of a woman's and a man's responibility to make the relationship work.

It's not enough to stress about what men think about women and vice versa because it would lead to an endless arguement. And as such, both sexes aspire to their ambitions in life, whatever they may be. Some more than others, too.

But there individuals who agree to themselves that the need for a social life is not a worthy cause that stands in contest against that of a life of another individual that works for a noble cause like doctors, soldiers, and other related important and sensitive positions that are of need in the community to serve and protect the society within.

While some may hail this movement as a positive sign of maturity and deeper understanding of the life that we all need to live, others will take it negatively in a way that will undermine its purpose to the point whereby they don't realize the significance until may be later in life through a personal experience, for example.

So if that is the case with the growing population of the country that we live in, then it is no wonder that everyone (almost) is not thinking of getting involved unless these factors slightly fade away.

Which is a chance of a snowball surviving the torment inside mouth of Hell.

So what's the solution, then?