Sunday, December 04, 2005


A few days back there was a nasty earthquake that had occured in some part of Iran and the power that it thrust upon that region was so strong to the point that some citizens in Sharjah and Dubai of the United Arab Emirates had felt the aftershocks and fled out to the streets for fear of having to lose lives and homes.

Fortunately enough though, nothing happened there and everyone was urged to go back and resume their normal way of living.

Having said that, there has been this strong rumor (or perhaps pro-fact) that in the very near future there would be an earthquake that would happen in Dubai at a powerful 6.5 on the Reichter scale and that the Sultanate of Oman would one sure country that would feel the aftershocks.

Is it true or not? Should we treat this as a fact or a total hoax?

Either way, it should only push us further to the question of why it would happen in the UAE in the first place - specifically Dubai. Being that it and the countries around are all surrounded by ravid mountain weights which should be keeping the Earth above stable.

But Dubai is a an Emirate that is known for its red sand dunes, tall skyscrapers, and vivid imagery of futuristic geometry technology used in art of innovating newly built building such as the Burj Al Arab, and the upcoming tallest tower on the face of the Earth - the Dubai Tower.

There had been a similar incident in Taiwan where there was an earthquake 200 kms away from the place where Taibaih 101 - the current tallest building in the world is standing. There was a rigid study after the earthquake had happened to the building's foundations and structure. And it was found out that in order to hold the whole tower in it's place at its current standing height, then it should hold it's foundations further down into the Earth's crust. But, in this situation, the foundations were so deep, that it hit an ancient earthquake line that had not been disturbed for more than 43,000 years and that it could have been a possible trigger to the whole incident.

Just imagine if that was the case with the Dubai Tower.

Arrogance isn't exactly the type of behavior that I would say God would like to see grow inside a man's soul. Nor would He like to see His subject (being man, in this case) defy him by attempting to make a building that would literally kiss the sky.

I just hope I am wrong in all this..


Mindazi said...

Plate boundaries are far enough away to not cause much damage to city centers. The most active boundary is in the West but it's divergent so no problem there.
Where is your information from, I bet not from an actual geolocial study.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

mindazi: my source had read it from the alarabiya news website which would be;

Sleepless In Muscat said...

here's the link, btw, courtesy of the 'source';