Monday, December 12, 2005

Ok.. So there IS something to be talked about after all

Have you all read today's newspapers? My most beloved Oman Mobile has introduced an innovated game that has been developed by SQU students in an extravagent presentation at a local 5 star hotel.

What no one seems to notice that the game 'developed' by these students is almost just the same as a worlwide bestseller game called Prince of Perisa. The only difference with this is that the player takes the role of an Omani called Khalfan (typical Omani name), goes against some sort of mystical evil, and is in a race against time to rescue the Princess which resides in the top of a tall castle 'Husn'.

So not only is the game copied to the point that the similarity is obvious even to a toddler's eyes, but there is also the fact that there has been a clear copyright infringement violation.

So adding to it's values that Oman Mobile is uninnovative, it also steals ideas, and makes a total embrassment of itself when given the opportunity.

Where was the TRA with the launching of this 'new' game?



Omani Husn Adventures

Oman Mobile

The T.R.A. (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority)

Prince of Persia


x~nezitiC said...

Are you that Khalfan looks anything like Prince of Presia? I don't really see any similrities! I mean in graphics-wise.

Nash said...

Amazing, why didnt they create their own game. I mean it cant be that difficult.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

x~nezitic: I am pointing to the mobile version of the game (Prince of Persia) and the similarities are not in the graphics but in the actual concept and objective of the whole game..

nash: apparently, they can't so instead they rip off someone whose already done the work for them..