Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Words of The Whispering Wind

Only the soul will guide my feet
Only the thinkers will think, cry and weep
Only the lonely flower of May
Will bloom and smile my way
Only the timid infants smile
To a grown old man, and show him life

I ponder, I wonder, I sleep
I think of the wonders that this world has in store for me
I sit all alone in the cold winter's day
Upon a table, by myself, wishing that something exciting would come my way
I look up, I see your smile
I look at you, and see an Angel in disguise
You come to me, in my perilled times
What would I do if I hadn't had you in my life?

I stop. I look around. I stare.
I blink my eyes a million times, and then I glare
I remember how this was all a dream
And how I am losing my sanity to thee
I stop upon every whispering wind and try to listen
The softening words that are ever forgiving
You are the world to me
You are the air I breath
You are everything to me