Sunday, December 04, 2005

How I have a problem with the whole freakin' world..

Yes I do.

I have issues with the whole damn world it really annoys me to the point of setting my head on fire and asking for all the damn water brigades in Oman to put it out before it takes me with it.

I mean it.

So far, I have had an arguement with someone on the phone because of difference of opinions. And another who I am trying as much as I can not to let something peculiar happen otherwise I would end up regretting it for the rest of my life and in the process, I am feeling very depressed (yes, I am there again), tired (because yesterday I went to the Sawadi beach for the whole day), and thirdly ...well, I can't remember that one. When I do I'll let you know.

Depressed because I got to a point of whereby - and this is really gonna sound silly - I was rummaging through my collection of DVD movies, PS2 games and found nothing of interest. The internet is getting too boring nowadays for me and I hardly stay online. And I still fond of the idea of getting involved with someone, who I don't know yet, for a lifetime commitment.

Tired - well, I explained that part, didn't I? Yeah I did. It was really nice and fun. We went to the Sawadi beach, had a BBQ there. Stayed in an online. Almost had a very big injury with the rocky beach there. Laughed the hell out of my depressed failure in life. Basically; we had a lot of fun.

But the more these days I want to stay alone. The more I realize that I am getting lonesome and need someone to actually understand me, talk to me, and such.

I have many friends. That much I can vouch for.

I have a life that is often eyed with jealousy by many because of my 'relaxed' lifestyle.

But I don't have a life..


Kazablanka said...

People are different and just cuz they argue it doesnt mean they dont care.

Take me for an example, when i am stressed/tired/worried or have something on my mind i tend to blow up at people I care for and for no reason at all or for stupid reasons.

Then I regret it.

on a lighter note, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at al-sawadi beach :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

there is a saying that goes: different people; different opinions