Sunday, April 16, 2006


Anti-socialism is a name that other people brand others to which they don't understand their circumstances. While it does exist in reality, a few facts are actually known as to why a person would behave in such a manner.

There are those types of people who like to be alone to their own ideas and feel that if they interact with other people they would just collide in terms of contradictary beleifs and fundamental understandings.

I am one of those people.

Although I like to be as socialistic as possible, I feel, though, most of the time that I need my own space to think about 'things'; personal things that everyone whose out there would want to know why I am being quite would pounce at me because they feel I am depressed. Which only happens a little these days because of the fact that I finally got a job.

Anti-socialism isn't a problem unless we make it so. Maybe we haven't found the right person to conversate with. And those who act despretely to know what goes on in our minds aren't particularly the type to socialize with, for many different reasons.

If anyone should differ with their opinions, please join in and comment.


MJ said...

I always think of it as being introvert or extrovert, you are social and like being around people, or you don't.

I would think that most people are in between, they would sometimes want to be alone but on others being around people is all they want, everyone should find a balance between the two that suit them the most. But remember; zeyadeh 3an 7adeh yengeleb lethedeh.

Sara said...

Well i agree,at times u want to stay alone and talk to no one.
I think there are two types of people,one those who want to know ur problem and help u out and the others are those who want to know,for the sake of knowing.nothing more!!
Well but i think sometimes its good to keep ur ideas and feelings with urself its much better than sharing>:)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

MJ & Sara:

i think you are both right in the sense that you can be social and limited to the number or type of people that you are social in a way but it wouldn't mean you're anti-social..