Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Lifeline

She looked through the window onto the sun setting down
She sat there, breathing silently – on her face, a frown

Imagining his presence by her side
She turned, only with a tear in her eye

I wish you'd come back only to see
How your emptiness is killing me
The solitude you have cast me to
Is now eating me inside, through and through

She closes her eyes only to weep
She weeps silently like the lonely child, she feels

A bird passes by the window
Signaling there will always be another tomorrow
And as stares at the bird with her eyes in the sunlight rays
They convert into a beautiful brown colored haze

She imagines him hugging her worries away
The lightness, it is, she is filled with, now lifts her up into a lullaby sway

But it is the sadness she is filled with that overgrows her emotion
She lies to herself saying that ignoring her feelings is the only solution

Sunlight turns into moonlight shade
The clouds go from shady white to paintbrush grey
And she still stands by her open window into the blankness of her life
Asking herself again and again; why does happiness have to have such a short lifeline?