Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Supersticious Nonsence or The Original 'Deal'?

In Islam, there is a sort of ritual that is more than a tradition of reciting the fatiha verses from the Holy Qur'an. It is said between relegious scholars that reading these specific verses from the Qur'an sort of protects the individual who recited them from any type of harm, if it is in God's will that it doesn't.

But there is also more to it.

It has also been said, although not as much as it rebounded around, that wearing a jewel of gold or silver origin that has the inscriptions of these verses from the Holy Book also gives one similar protection from any type of harm - again; if it is in God's will that nothing should happen to him/her.

The question in my mind is: is it (and God forgive me if I am making a mistake here) supersticious nonsence that uses Islam's beliefs as a base or is this truly something of oringinality from the relegion of Islam?


MJ said...

Wearing gold or silver with Quran on it to 'protect yourself' is a bd3a. Personally, I don't think people should wear such things because they should take any part of the Quran into a toilet is not something recommended.

About reading Quran will protect from any type of harm, as Muslims we believe in qadar, and we also should believe in the Quran and so we if we read it, only Allah A3lam what will happen because we can't know what was going to happen and didn't happen because we read it.

ok, I just realized that I'm not answering your question. Reading Fatiha does have some basis in Islam. It's part of all the other Athkar.

I don't know what I'm going on about, this comment might be longer than the post itself...

Sleepless In Muscat said...


This brings me to another question; what is the Athkar?

A Yahya said...

Fascinating ideas.. but it doesnt take much brain power to figure that it is Haram. The Quran maybe the literal word of God...but seeking protection from evil with its actual verses instead of relying on Allah Himself is shirk and of course bidd3h.

Muslims shouldnt confuse magic with faith and folklaw with religion and the two things you mentioned are exactly that :Magic and Folklaw

Sleepless In Muscat said...


thanks for dropping by..

and I do understand what you mean. but the thing is, is that this phenomenon is so widely popular, so it's very hard to recognize as one or the other.

Arabized said...

its popular because the masses of muslim ummah are ignorant and follow culture more than religion.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I would believe that..

like the abayya..and the face mask for women....and such..

Arabized said...

face mask?

nikab or bor3ga?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


both I would think..


Sara said...

Alright about wearing the jewellery on which the verses of Quran are engraved !Well i dont think it is Bd3a.You cant call it bb3a.Well u can wear it to protect urself from evil(if it is in God will's)Well God will protect us even if we arent wearing it.But it gives us human a sense of satisfaction.That is all,its not haram to wear it.Well all the verses of Quran are the words of Allah and definetely there is something in those words tht will definetely protect us.Tht is what i beleive.Its just like reading the Quran so tht u can protect urself frm evil.But i would say we shud respect it and not take such a thing to the toilet or whateva.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


actually, you raise a good point here which is how other people have a few phrases that call out to God on their vehicles like 'God be with you, inshallah' and the such..

don't those fall under this same category?

Sara said...

umm well,i didnt really get what u mean,but what i feel u are saying is,the way wearing such jewels is not haram,it is just like calling out for Allah when we are in trouble.Like whne we can rememmber Allah anywhere so we can wear his verses at times too!!!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


That's one way of looking at it.